Welcome to IGCC 2013 Verona

Dear Colleagues,
it is really a great pleasure for us to invite you to the 10th IGCC Congress which will be held in Verona in June 2013. It has been 15 years since IGCA was successfully established by the most outstanding GI surgeons of the nineties.

The large participation to the meetings and the increasing importance of our Journal in the international literature witness the increasing weight of IGCA.

We hope that Verona Congress could be a big occasion to open in Europe our society to other specialists such as oncologists, pathologists, gastroenterologists with the aim to reach the multidisciplinary approach to gastric cancer that is crucial in the third millennium.

Verona is one of the most beautiful and romantic Italian cities and it is very famous for its opera festival that will start during the days of the congress: do not miss this great opportunity.

Organizing Committee

President: Prof. Giovanni de Manzoni

Secretary general: Prof. Franco Roviello

Chairmen Scientific Committee: Prof. Daniele Marrelli, Dott. Paolo Morgagni